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Ants 04/28/2014
Ants Ants are the leading pest problem in the United States, as the persistent scavengers are always on the lookout for two things. The first is food. Ants will enter your…  more
Bedbugs 04/28/2014
Bedbugs Alarmingly, these long forgotten pests have been making a strong comeback, even being found in today’s fine hotels and homes. One contributing factor is the rise of international travel, which…  more
Moths 04/28/2014
Moths Moths in San Jose come in two varieties: the food eating moth and the fabric eating moth. Food eating moths are found in near food, pet food, or around garbage…  more
Cockroach 04/28/2014
Cockroach Cockroaches in San Jose multiply rapidly and adapt quickly, making them difficult pests to remove. This is why you should contact an exterminator immediately upon seeing cockroaches in your home.…  more
Mice 04/28/2014
Mice Mice infestations are unsanitary and dangerous.  Mice in San Jose carry many diseases that can affect humans, which is transmitted to you, your children, and your pets through mosquito and…  more
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