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superadmin - 04/28/2014

Cockroaches in San Jose multiply rapidly and adapt quickly, making them difficult pests to remove. This is why you should contact an exterminator immediately upon seeing cockroaches in your home. Even in an infested home, cockroaches are rarely seen because they are nocturnal and like to hide. If you see even a single cockroach that means there are hundreds more that you can’t see.  Even though cockroaches can survive up to a month with almost no food, they can live off such things as glue, soap, dead insects, and shoe linings.

There are 4 types of cockroach in San Jose that commonly infest homes in the United States: the American, German, Brown Banded and Oriental cockroach.  Of these, the German cockroach is the most commonly encountered infestation, as it reproduces much faster than the other cockroaches.

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