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What are these little flying black bugs all over my car? 04/28/2014
You might have noticed this problem if you live in San Jose, Los Gatos, Cupertino, and Sunnyvale area. I noticed a large amount landing on the cars in our office parking…  more
Bed Bugs 04/28/2014
They are becoming quite a serious problem in San Jose and Sunnyvale, not only in apartments but million dollar homes as well. We took on a job in downtown San…  more
Yellow Jackets / Wasp flying low over lawns. 04/28/2014
We are getting alot of calls from Los Gatos for treatment of WASP/YELLOW JACKETS (FLYING LOW OVER LAWNS). The reason for this occurance seems to be due to moisture and…  more
Pest Control for Los Gatos 04/28/2014
Los Gatos has such a beautiful down town area with such beautiful hills thatcontain huge Oak trees, and these Oak trees are threatened by a mysterioudisease. Although there is no…  more
Pest Control for Campbell 04/28/2014
D&J Pest Control has been located in downtown Campbell for over 40 years. Until recently I had never been to the Campbell Museum, although it is small, there is a lot interesting historical…  more
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