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superadmin - 04/28/2014

Moths in San Jose come in two varieties: the food eating moth and the fabric eating moth.

Food eating moths are found in near food, pet food, or around garbage cans. They feed on grains and cereals, pastas, bird seed, powdered milk, and other similar dry foods that are not properly sealed. The moths in San Jose lay eggs in or near the food source, which the larvae then eat. The larvae are hard to detect, because they are colored similarly to the food they live in. The most common food moth is the Indian meal moth, or North American High-Flyer. Food moths are sometimes called flour moths or pantry moths, and the larvae are sometimes called waxworms.

Fabric eating moths, such as the webbing moth and casemaking moth, are most likely found in your closet. They are very small and rarely seen, and are usually discovered by the holes they leave in clothing.

D&J Pest Control professionals can quickly find where the moths in San Jose are feeding and laying their eggs, and eliminate them from your home.

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